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Complete list of Surtees Society publications 1834-2021 (includes links to online versions of volumes 1 – 162)

Publications in print

The volumes still available are listed on the Boydell website; all are cloth-bound, but Volumes 2, 32, 38, 112 and 142 are reprints, bound in a somewhat different style from the original.
These can be purchased directly from the Boydell site. Members are entitled to a discount on past volumes still in print and should inquire about availability from the Secretary [email protected]

Information for editors

Persons wishing to submit a proposal for a new Surtees volume should contact the Honorary Secretary.

The Surtees Society has issued two sets of conventions for editions of records that it publishes, one to be followed for medieval and the other for post-medieval documents.

Editorial conventions for medieval documents PDF
Editorial conventions for post-medieval documents PDF

Standard memorandum of understanding between the Society and editors

Our publisher’s conventions for the introductory text can be found at: